When Solex AO Scan Sees Mold

AO Scan & Mold

Hello from the Solex Life Team. I am bringing you a tidbit of information about toxic mol,d. Boy have we found mold to be the root cause of so much dysfunction in the body.

Our AO Scan Vital and Body System Scan can show a wide variety of molds. Below is an image of Mold values found in the Vital Scan.

Did we mention that an AO Vital Scan is non-invasive, has no contraindications, and can be done in about one minute? Schedule a Scan


Recently, our AO Scan practitioners have been exploring how mold flourishes and can be the source of inflammation and other chronic health issues.

Toxic mold produces mycotoxins that have become more difficult to eliminate due to tight construction, overuse of fungicides, and electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices and 5G.

Moreover, mold is becoming resistant to fungicides in paint, construction materials, and agriculture, thus creating more dangerous mycotoxins and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

We All Deal With Mold Differently

The degree to which an individual is affected by mycotoxins and VOCs depends on genetics, total toxic load, and the length and timing of the exposure.

What makes mycotoxins so dangerous is that there may not be any symptoms until years after initial exposure.

Regarding total toxic load, it’s important to remember that it’s never just one thing.

Mold or biotoxin illness usually results from multiple exposures over time. If the bucket of toxins is already full, additional mold exposure can be enough to tip the scales and cause a rapid decline in health.

Mycotoxins and VOCs can stay in the body for years after exposure, making them particularly dangerous.

Additionally, chronic stress and trauma, electromagnetic fields, and heavy metals can increase the total toxic load and make it harder to detoxify.

Gentle Mold Detox Option

You should always check with your healthcare provider, but we have found the information below to be the general consensus amongst our AO Practitioners.

We feel the best way to reduce the total toxic load and help remove toxins is to take zeolite.

Zeolite binds heavy metals, helps the body excrete toxins, extinguishes free radicals, and balances pH levels.

It is the most potent detoxification agent and does not cause the unpleasant cleansing reactions that herbal detox programs can.

Zeolite is gentle, reasonably priced, well-tolerated, and easy to purchase.

But, as always, we encourage you to check with your healthcare provider before you take any supplements.  

How to Test For Mold

You will have a difficult time getting a traditional MD to order a mycotoxin lab for you. It too often seems like they will run everything but the lab tests one needs.

We find that traditional MDs are not looking for mold as a root cause but rather for symptoms that they will later attempt to address with pharmaceuticals. We can save our thoughts on that for another time.

If you are fortunate enough to work with a great Naturopathic Physician, there is a good chance, based on your symptoms and their skill set, that they will suspect mold and order an appropriate lab test or maybe even run an AO Scan.

If you would like to take matters into your own hands, you can purchase your own AO Scan device and run various bioresonance frequency scans on yourself.

This allows a user to identify patterns of dysfunction, like molds, with great success.



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