When We Say Prime, We Don’t Mean Amazon Prime

Solex.Life Team

Give your body the nutritional supplementation it deserves! Prime optimizes cell function and life by activating the cell’s natural defenses, restoring cell structure from environmental damage, and maximizing the longevity of cell life. 

Many AO practitioners and users scan their daily nutritional supplements into their Quick Scan database compare the resonance of a product  to their body field. The better the supplement, the greater the chance the supplement will end up on  the client’s list of recommendations.  Will Prime multivitamin move your body towards homeostasis?  Maybe its time tp look at the AO Scan technology.

  • Premium, all natural ingredients 
  • Activates anti-inflammatory response 
  • Boosts immune system 
  • Protects against cell damage 
  • Scientifically supported  
  • No fillers 



  • 120 capsules per bottle (vegetarian capsules) 

Suggested use:  

  • Take 4 capsules daily. Two in the morning and two at night