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AO Scan Technology is full of ways to support your skin health!

We asked skin extraordinaire, Tina Seitz, what she likes most about the AO Scan. Tina is an esthetician, skincare product formulator, and co-owner of tattoo removal company Xtract.Ink  
“I like to treat skin at the source. The AO Scan gives me the ability to see causes and emotional components behind skin inflammation and the aging process. When treating clients, 80% of all skin conditions are internal. I have found that treating them with frequencies accelerates their healing response.”   Click here to book an appointment with Tina at Vibrant Skin Bar

Tina goes on to mention that she often sees Candida, environmental toxins and food sensitivities at the top of the list when it comes to the causation of skin conditions.

As you identify areas of the skin that are out of balance, you can then start to make lifestyle changes or utilize products to improve those areas of the body. Most often, those changes are only realized with research, careful observation, identifying patterns, and being willing to modify unhealthy behaviors.
Below is a SEFI skin health playlist suggestion that you could use with your skin care products, such as the Illuminator or Brite.  Playlists are groups of frequencies combined to move the negatively impacted area towards homeostasis and on to clear and healthy skin. Playlists can be imprinted into sugar tablets, mineral water, or gemstones; or sent directly to the body field. Feel free to customize to your specific needs, and let us know what’s on your playlist!
Skin Recovery SEFI Playlist
Energy (QR)
Health, Strength & Recovery (QR)
Love, Forgiveness & Gratitude (QR)
Acne; Pimples (QF)
Bruises (QF)
Eczema (QF)
Infections #1 (QF)
 Irritability (QF)
 Nerve Inflammation (QF)
Poor Circulation (QF)
Skin Inflammations (QF)
Swelling – General (QF)
We would love to hear what is on your skin playlist!
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